Paula Benton Dog Training
Helping People Keep Their Pets
Hello and Welcome!

Thank   you   for   visiting  Paula Benton Dog Training!  We are a San Francisco mobile outreach program dedicated to providing free pet care resources to people in need. Our program was created in 2009 and inspired by Sue Sternberg and Training Wheels.

Our devoted team of talented volunteers is committed to helping companion animal owners before they find themselves in need of surrendering their pets to shelters.  

Paula Benton Dog Training is proud to announce our partnership with Veterinary Street Outreach Services also known as VET SOS.  Together, we provide animal training & behavior coaching, wellness exams, vaccinations, microchipping, and spay/neuter assistance at 12 clinics a year - all free of charge to people who are homeless. 

In addition to our volunteer services, I personally provide private one-on-one training, group classes, behavior assessments, mobility assistance dog training, a dog training after school program for kids, a dog training summer camp for kids and in 2014 became the Director for San Francisco's Animal Care and Control's summer animal camp for kids.  

I hope you enjoy exploring our website. Please contact me if you would like to sign up for any of our services or if you have any questions. 

Paula Benton
Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Coach

Pictured Above:

   Summer Camper (left): Sam with his dog Molly 

                Generous Donors (center): son John with his dog Niner,                          dad Pat with his dog Harvey, daughter Kelly with her dog Ezio            and mom Angie with her dog Dink

   Summer Camper (right): Emmy with her dog Zoe 


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